You supply MIDI files of your keyboard performances

We record them with a Steinway Model D Grand Piano

Piano MIDI to Audio Production

An immaculate Hamburg Steinway Model D Acoustic Grand Piano fitted with a high resolution MIDI player system.

The ultimate in realism for your MIDI piano tracks

Our piano recording process uses premium quality Schoeps and Neumann microphones at near and distant room locations within a purpose-built, acoustically tailored piano studio.

Our 1969 Hamburg Steinway Model D grand piano is renowned and praised for its rich and resonant tone, carrying the legacy of German craftsmanship from one of the most esteemed piano manufacturers in the world. The piano was recently fully re-conditioned by authorised Steinway technicians, including the installation of a high resolution MIDI recording and playback mechanism. Its distinct timbre and warm, full-bodied sound captures not only the notes played but the undeniable essence and authenticity which a real piano provides.

Its responsive action and dynamic range allow pianists to explore a wide spectrum of expression. The distinct personality of our 1969 Hamburg Steinway Model D grand piano adds depth and dimension to any musical piece, making it a prized asset for musicians seeking unparalleled quality and heritage in their sound.

Our Grand Piano Services

Piano MIDI to Steinway Audio Production

We preview and optimise your MIDI file(s) for playback on our Hamburg Steinway Grand Piano. We then use premium quality studio equipment to record the piano playing your files(s) in high resolution at 24bit-88.2kHz. The files are supplied to you in the resolution of your choice.

NOTE:  Best results are obtained from MIDI files that have been produced by playing live on a weighted keyboard.

Audio files are supplied as pure, unprocessed recordings (ie. no EQ, compression or reverb applied). Contact us if you 'd like to discuss a quote for Mastering services.

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Private Piano Rehearsal Sessions​

If you live near Melbourne (Australia), we offer private sessions with exclusive use of our Hamburg Steinway Model D grand piano.

Enjoy quiet, uninterrupted time to play in a calming and creative environment, in the comfort of our custom-built piano studio.

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Important Note: Best results are achieved from MIDI files of played performances on a weighted keyboard
Craig Gerard Richards

A pianist and composer, Craig has a comprehensive background in piano and keyboard performances and studio recording sessions, including a stint working with the Australian distributors of Steinway & Sons.

Allan Neuendorf

A highly respected Audio Engineer, Allan specialises in working with piano and acoustic instruments, with decades of experience in studio sessions and live concert recordings.