Piano MIDI to Audio Production

  What You Receive

The production fee includes recordings of a pair of close microphones and stereo room microphones. 

Also included is one revision of the original MIDI file to adjust for dynamics, minor note corrections and/or timing differences when played by the Steinway acoustic piano.

Audio files are supplied as pure, unprocessed recordings (ie. no EQ, compression or reverb applied). 

  Our Process

After receiving your MIDI files, we preview and optimise them for playback on our Hamburg Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano. 

We then use premium quality studio equipment to record the piano in high resolution (24bit-88.2kHz) playing your MIDI files. The resulting audio files are supplied in the resolution of your choice and made available for download from a secure server.

  Best Practice for Recording MIDI Files

To achieve the best results we highly recommend using a weighted keyboard and playing live to capture the MIDI data into your sequencing software of choice. 

In our experience, MIDI files that have been produced by playing live on a weighted keyboard/MIDI controller translate very well to the acoustic piano and result in a natural and musical playback.

  Additional Services

We also provide Mixing and Mastering services. 

Please contact us if you would like to discuss having your files produced as finished tracks.

  To Get Started

  • Choose the most appropriate option for your project
Individual Tracks of Varying Lengths
Choose this option for each individual track and select the appropriate track length.

220.00 220.0 USD

Collection of 5 Tracks
Choose this option for a collection of 5 tracks, with each track being a maximum of 5 minutes in length.

1,045.00 1045.0 USD

Collection of 10 Tracks
Choose this option for a collection of 10 tracks, with each track being a maximum of 5 minutes in length.

1,980.00 1980.0 USD

  • If none of these options suit your requirements, please contact us